The Faculty of Management Science was developed from the Department of the Co-operative Studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. In 2524 B.E. (1981 C.E.), Thai government policy under Prime Minister General Prem Tinnasulanond decreed that all teachers and students were to learn basic Co-operative Studies so as to use the knowledge in teaching young students. After that the Department of Co-operative Studies was upgraded to be a division in the Department of Management Science. The Department of Co-operative then included the following subjects: Economics, Marketing and Accounting to cover all areas of co-operative studies. In 2528 B.E. (1985 C.E.), the Department of Co-operative Studies became the Faculty of Management Science, offering a bachelor degree in general management. Later the Bachelor Degrees in Economics and Mass Communication were granted.
     In February 2538 B.E. (1995 C.E.), His Majesty the King granted the name “Rajabhat Institute” to all Teacher Colleges. Consequently, Petchburiwittayalongkorn Teachers College was given the title Rajabhat Institute Petchburiwittayalongkorn. On August 21, 2545 B.E.(2002 C.E.), His Majesty the King granted royal permission for the college to be titled as Rajabhat Institute Valaya Alongkorn under the Royal Patronage. On June 10, 2547 B.E. (2004 C.E.), His Majesty the King signed the Rajabhat University Act, which upgraded the institute to Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University. The college has borne that title since June 15, 2547 B.E.  Since that time, there has been an increasing public interest in pursuing post-secondary and post-graduate studies at VRU.  The university has created programs for both full time and part-time students in order to keep pace with the extension of the business sector and the resulting demand for trained graduates. The Faculty of Management Science has increased its admissions and hired part-time lecturers to cope with the number of students. In addition to its regular programs of study, the Faculty of Management Science has expanded its educational mission towards the community, developing innovative programs such as the Tourism Program in 2550 B.E. (2007 C.E.), the Aviation Program in 2551 B.E. (2008 C.E.), the Logistics and Supply Chain Program in 2553 B.E. (2010 C.E.). The Faculty of Management Science has developed its courses and programs in coordination with government and private sectors in order to contribute to the economic growth of Thailand.


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